Who Said Chipmunks Were Cute? —- Thursday, August 16, 2018

I mean after all Stewart and I

Are most darling little squirrels

Anyone could ask for.

Just ask Boomer.  We help him lots and lots of times!

Stewart and Stanley Squirrel

Your friend(s) on a western Colorado farm,


14 thoughts on “Who Said Chipmunks Were Cute? —- Thursday, August 16, 2018

  1. hello dayphoto its dennis the vizsla dog hay trixie always yoozed to tel me abowt the chipmunks wot livd in the wood pile in the howse bak eest she sed they wood come owt and tawnt her and she wood chayse them and chayse them but she cud never ketch them!!! i think she wuz stil holding a grudj over ten yeerz layter abowt how they mayd her luk silly!!! so umm boomer be kayrful chaysing those guys they wil giv yoo a run for yore munny and then sum!!! ok bye


    • Mom says I’m a very strange beagle since I don’t chase anything. I don’t chase Rabbits or Badgers, or squirrels or chipmunks. Mom says she thinks I must have been raised to be someone’s baby in a house because I don’t have any real Beagle desires. Just to be petted on all the time. But…HEY THANKS, Dennis! Boomer


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