Come Sit with Me—Monday, August 20, 2018

Come sit with me…let time slow down…

Let the hummingbirds be the only whirlwind

Enjoy (with me) our now fall days…summer is quickly passing

Morning air is crisp if not clear, and the plants have dew drops like rain upon their leaves

The crows are back a sure sign of soon to be harvesting and I heard two owls in the wee morning light today

Moisture is even in the air —above the smoke-filled clouds

Either a slight rainbow or a sundog…cooler weather is coming our way

Terry has stopped the water on the pinto bean field…in one week he will start pulling the beans.Β  In two weeks we harvest.

Still for a short while…sit with me

Let the summer day pass into fall with peace and joy

Quietness and comfort as the day winds down

And the little hummingbirds drink their fill

In that hour between day and night

Just before the sun sets.

From my world to your heart, My Friends,


41 thoughts on “Come Sit with Me—Monday, August 20, 2018

  1. The photo of the sunset on the irrigation water is stunning. Did you know you can post photos for sale at a number of photo sites like IStockphotos and many others?


  2. Fall gives us time to think and reflect after a hectic summer. Beautiful thoughts and photos of the hummingbirds! I know you like rainbows so I have mailed one from Sweden to you. Best regards, Asta


    • I’m so glad I took lots of photos last night for it seems the large flock of hummers has left for warmer climatic…we are just getting too cool for them. Sniff. 😦


  3. Loved visiting your garden and serene pictures. We have lots of smoke and are surrounded by fires. Heard an owl last night, too. Crows have gathered and left. Sandhills are still here, but no chick again this year. Never thought I would wish for cold and snow to put out those terrible fires.


  4. How beautiful your post is today, Linda. I can never get over the number of hummers that you attract. It must be a full time job keeping those feeders filled! How long will your hummers continue to stay around? You are blessed. and we are blessed by all the beauty at your place…thanks so much for sharing it!


    • They are leaving now. Yesterday we had a few, maybe around twenty, nothing like the forty or so. I always hate to see them leaves. But I don’t want them trapped along the way to their warmer winter homes, so I know they must go.


  5. You describe the beginning of fall beautifully. It’s a time that always tugs at my emotions. I love summer and hate seeing it go. Fall is equally beautiful but fraught with activity I am not yet geared up for. Do you have a favorite season?


    • Yes, Summer! Fall is lovely with all it’s amazing glory, but it feel sad to me. Spring is delightful because the days are longer and there is a freshness to the earth. But the best time of the year is Summer! Heat and all! πŸ™‚


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