Come Sit with Me—Monday, August 20, 2018

Come sit with me…let time slow down…

Let the hummingbirds be the only whirlwind

Enjoy (with me) our now fall days…summer is quickly passing

Morning air is crisp if not clear, and the plants have dew drops like rain upon their leaves

The crows are back a sure sign of soon to be harvesting and I heard two owls in the wee morning light today

Moisture is even in the air —above the smoke-filled clouds

Either a slight rainbow or a sundog…cooler weather is coming our way

Terry has stopped the water on the pinto bean field…in one week he will start pulling the beans.  In two weeks we harvest.

Still for a short while…sit with me

Let the summer day pass into fall with peace and joy

Quietness and comfort as the day winds down

And the little hummingbirds drink their fill

In that hour between day and night

Just before the sun sets.

From my world to your heart, My Friends,


July 1, 2013

HAPPY CANADA DAY, to all of my Canadian readers out there!

We were a shade cooler yesterday it only got up to 97*.  97* sounds hot, but not as hot as 105*.  It actually felt cooler, once in awhile a cloud would skuddle across the sun giving us a sun break while it was there.

The clouds would randomly look like a few drops of rain might fall, but didn’t.  This time of year we have to worry about hail…hail is NOT something you want ever, but to have hail now would strip the leaves from all the growing corn and pinto beans.  That would be the end of the crops.  Therefore, we watch the sky and pray for rain and wish hail away.

So far we have NOT had hail, which is wonderful.

They are saying this intense heat (which is terribly abnormal) is here for at least another week, the cooling ocean breezes that would move the stagnate air is also stagnated off the west coast…so we wait.


A little gift from the heavens last night was a slight rainbow.

The promise of hope!