The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Here’s What’s Happening on the Farm

First off and foremost Dad has stopped the water on the pinto beans!  That means summer is officially over!

You see in a week or two or three depending on the weather Dad will be harvesting the pinto beans.  That means lots of work.  First, the pinto beans are deprived of water.  That is so the bean plants will get the signal it’s time to dry up.

Secondly, it also lets the ground dry up so Dad can go into the field with the pinto bean puller and pull all the plants out the ground and let them dry until the leaves fall off the stems.

Once the leaves fall off the stems then Dad knows it is time to get out the PINTO BEAN COMBINE!!!

And the big orange truck.

Up and down the rows Dad will go filling the combine hopper with this year’s pinto beans.  Once the hopper is full he will dump the hopper into the big orange truck.  He will do that until the big orange truck is full.

Then he will drive to the Beanery.  Mom and I come in the pick up because the big orange truck usually has to stay at the Beanery until it is its turn to be unloaded.  Sometimes that is way into the night.  Dad doesn’t like to sit there and wait until it’s time.

If Dad gets to dump early then Mom and I come on back home.

This goes on and on until the whole field is harvested.

Summer is over.  “Sorta on the sad side”, Mom says.  Heck, I don’t care.  I like each and every day.

And my most favorite day of all…. WHEN a Delivery Truck drives down the long, long lane into the farmyard!



16 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Here’s What’s Happening on the Farm

  1. Harvesting the pinto beans sounds like a lot of hard work for Mom and Dad. But then you have a lot of hard work to do escorting the delivery trucks up and down the lane to your home. I’m glad you enjoy it!


  2. Wow, Boomer, how could it be Friday again already! You are the highlight of my week :-D. Glad all your adventures this week have been safe and fun!


  3. Boom, you are the sweetest pup ever! You know that you’re Dad & Mom’s biggest helper – and you know what to do at harvest time! We’ll be waiting on reports!


  4. hello boomer its dennis the vizsla dog hay my dada likes those pinto beenz!!! i did not no they kaym frum yore farm!!! the next time he gits sum i wil snif them to see if i kan smel yoo!!! running and barking after the fedex truck sownds like fun maybe yoo can skayr it into giving up sum of the loot it is karrying!!! ok bye


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