A Wondrous Visit with Good People—-Sunday, August 26, 2018

For three evenings and two full days Terry and I were delighted and happy to have long-time blog friends come to our little farm for a whirlwind visit.

This is the fourth time in as many years we have had the great good fortune to have Bob and Elaine make the many hour trip to come see us.  This time they brought their band new camper and brand new pick-up and lots and lots of yummy home-grown organic produce from their very own greenhouse.

We took them to the East Portal of the Black Canyon

So they could see where our irrigation water comes from.

The colors are starting to change, although it isn’t even September.

Elaine and I went rock hunting.  Read interpretative signs, and Terry explained how the irrigation water gets to all the farms down the way.

Home again where I fixed Green Chili chicken, and roasted tomatillos salsa and chicken tacos for supper.

The next day we all headed up to Grand Mesa driving the whole length from the Delta side to the Mesa side coming into Palisade where we purchased pears and peaches.

And had a yummy lunch at Cafe 11.0 in Palisade.

Back home we had pork tenderloin cooked in apple juice with sliced apples, mashed potatoes, salad and fresh peaches and vanilla ice cream.

Suddenly it was time for our very delightful visit to end.

The time was just too short!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




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