As the Days Cool Down and the Light Shrinks—-Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Autumn has arrived.  You can see it in the fields—the pinto beans are either turning yellow or, as ours are, lying pulled and drying, waiting for the combine.

The land is glittering and bright…as we move closer and closer to winter the trees will turn colors announcing the move from warm into the silvered blanket of cold called winter.

The Canada Geese are back…in droves.

Very early —is this a sign of a hard winter to come?

The little hummingbirds’ numbers are thinning noticeably…I have gone from 2 gallons of sugar water a day to 1/2 gallon every other day.

I will miss these little jewels, but they must leave and hurry.  For the air is thinning and cooling extremely noticeably now.

A large flock of Barn Swallows left our farm yesterday, but the little fledglings and their parents are still here.  Until they are gone I’m holding onto the belief we still have small amounts of summer left. 🙂

Summer work still goes on.  It isn’t time to stop watering the corn; the alfalfa fields must NOT go into winter dry.

Still, change is here, in how the air smells, how the sky feels, and how the earth looks.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



31 thoughts on “As the Days Cool Down and the Light Shrinks—-Tuesday, September 4, 2018

  1. The geese have gone from here….maybe they are by you. Another large group of crows left yesterday. I think the sandhills are gone, too. Haven’t heard them for days. Early winter, I think. It is like a hush comes over the landscape….waiting. Tell the sandhills I said “safe journey” when you see them.


  2. It is much the same here. We see a few passing hummers now and then, a few lingering swallows, and now and then a robin stops by, but so many birds are already gone and the winter birds are returning. I cannot like the mornings when it is still dark when I want to be out and about. Oh, well, It’s spring in New Zealand. lol


  3. I love the attentive way with which you chart the turning of the seasons, Linda. Here in New Zealand we are making the transition into spring and noting the song of returning birds even as you watch the departures. Than you again for your beautiful blog.


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  5. Are you noticing other indications of a strong winter? We do not notice such things until later, and they are not as obvious. So far, the hummingbirds do not seem to be any more numerous than they should be. We should get more if they are expecting a bad winter somewhere else.


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