We are all Members of the Earth—-Wednesday, September 5, 2018

We woke up to a gray morning, clouds closed down and mist like rain falling on the land

It has rained off and all so far this morning the light gray with the ghostly shimmer of falling raindrops

It’s beautiful.  We are so much a part of the earth that when the earth suffers so do we.  And when the earth is nourished so we are.

A wee ride to the Upper End to set the water in the pasture up there was a tad wet…but ever so joyful!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm




10 thoughts on “We are all Members of the Earth—-Wednesday, September 5, 2018

  1. Hi Linda, hope you are well. Not able to dip in to the blog as much as I’d like these days. Completely under water with work. I’m here, though, keeping an eye on you. Love the sentiment of this post.


  2. A soft and steady rain is the best thing, isn’t it? Nothing too hard, that bends and breaks plants and hammers the earth and washes the soil away. Soft and gentle, like washing a baby’s face…


  3. As much as I enjoy living here in our idyllic climate, I so want to experience the normal sort of weather that everyone else gets. I have experienced very warm weather, but I do not think that it was as warm as cooler weather with humidity that other regions get. I thought that I would experience cold winter weather in Oklahoma, but we left before it started. The heaviest rain that I ever experienced was in Beverly Hills (in the Los Angeles Region), but it was very brief. I have seen snow only a few times in my life.


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