On Hills Shinning with Rain—Sunday, September 16, 2018

I opened my email to a wonderful message:

“Hi Linda, I follow your blog daily from my home on the edge of the Highlands of  Scotland, somewhere so different from where you live but I love living in the country and I so enjoy seeing the difference in the countryside that you live and work in. You obviously love your farming life and you are always so positive. Anyway on our way home yesterday, about an hour from home, we saw this amazing rainbow over the mountains near Braemar and I instantly thought of your love of rainbows and knew I just had to send it to you with my best wishes. It was the best rainbow I’ve ever seen, with each colour clearly visible. I hope this Scottish rainbow brings a smile to your day, as you do to mine. Please give Boomer a big hug from me
Your friend

Helen Cameron”

And there it was on the edge of the very green field, next to some beautiful hills, the sky all misty and silver with rain

Was this beautiful multi-colored arch of lights suspended from one hill to the next!

A wee miracle in the quiet moments which clutch at our hearts.

When I wrote to her and expressed my thanks, at the same time asking if I may post her photo, giving her the credit, of course, she wrote back:

“It was good to hear back from you and yes you can share the rainbow. It’s very green here because we get plenty of rain, so different from where you are, although this year it was actually much drier and warmer here than usual. It’s great to know you got your harvest all done. Around us, the farmers have just finished harvesting their wheat and barley too and now it’s feeling really like autumn”.

Thank you so much, Helen, for sharing with me and with my readers.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


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