The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Where we are Now

Where we are now…the pinto bean harvest is over.  Although, Dad says he isn’t selling the pinto beans right now…he wants to wait for a spell.

There is still irrigation water to set and change. The corn is still in need of water and the alfalfa fields also.

Look at this!  It’s a Foam Ball—pretty cool.  This Foam Ball was made from the foam on the ditch water going around and round and round.  As soon as Mom and Dad removed the dam it was gone.

Mom watches out for me lots now.  She says she does NOT want me wandering off searching for news and stuff…

next month I will be 13 years old and she says my age will get in the way of me staying safe out there in the wilds of the farm.

I rode every day and every second of the whole pinto bean harvest with Mom.  Even in the broiling sun!  Then I rode in the back of the pick up to town and back to go to TRACTOR SUPPLY (that’s MY store) and went with Mom to get parts when the combine broke down.

I was really busy!

But I do stay close to Mom.

Especially out on the ditch bank.

I can still hear well and I can see better than some dogs at my age, but sometimes I wonder if she might be right.

For Instance—last night—way in the dark, when I went out to relieve myself…. I SAW SPACE SHIP LIGHTS!!!

That was scary!

I know about real SCARY things on the farm like, coyotes and stuff like that, but SPACE ALIENS I don’t know anything about and I don’t want to LEARN!!!

So that’s where we are now.  Harvest of the pinto beans is over—the corn harvest is yet to come.  The days are growing shorter and shorter.

And the nights colder.

The hummingbirds are fewer and fewer.  Mom only sees them in the early morning or late in the evening at the feeder.  This morning there were actually 4 drinking.  Yesterday there was only 2.

The Barn Swallows have left; all the summer birds are gone now.  Makes Mom sad…but I tell her there is no reason to be sad.  SHE HAS ME!

WAIT!  What was that?!?  I think I had better so see!


Boomer Brown



15 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Where we are Now

  1. Oh, Boomer! Stay close to Mom. It’s a fun but sometimes dangerous world out there. At least you can still hear and can come to your mom’s call. My senior dog is 15 1/2 and he is deaf and blind. If he got away from me, he might never find his way back. He’s feisty and loves to explore, but that frightens me because he won’t hear me if I call and he can’t see to come back. His nose still works great, but I still worry.


  2. Smoky says he thinks it’s time to stop getting yourself into dangerous fixes. He will have his 15th birthday on the 4th of October and he is happy to laze around and not have to climb the stairs too often anymore. He can still see quite well and hears okay, but his back end is less cooperative than it used to be. He told me he thinks we should get a puppy but we can’t here. He said it would be fun to teach a kid how to be a good dog and learn all the stuff he knows and he thinks maybe then he’d get more treats.


  3. Hey Boom, You are doing great! Really, I never would have thought you were a spry 13. But Mom’s right, there are things out in the world that WE ALL want you protected from. Cuz you are a special beagle! Ask Dad about spaceships, though ~ Lov ya, Boom!


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