My Brother Wrote Something —- Wednesday, October 3, 2018

One day last year my brother wrote to me a wee email about my search for purpose in life

(this is a random, but a consistant battle I have with myself—finding my ‘skills’)

I don’t seem to struggle as much as use too, but the ‘need’ to be good at something still rings within me at different points.

Anyway, I printed off his thoughts and read over his email randomly

At the very end, he stated something I have been thinking each of you might find a use for in your life

Dan wrote; “I have learned that when I am feeling pressured, stressed, depressed, or ill— it is a message ringing from my soul to change or do something different”.

Every time I read that my heart, mind, and soul goes WOW!

That is the key….the Universe calling loudly to me.

So it is with a sense of cheerfulness and pleasure

I can actually see what I am longing for—then, as lightly as a fluttering butterfly; peace and purpose fill my body and I can move forward.

I hope this amazing statement from my brother can help you also.

From my world to your heart,




16 thoughts on “My Brother Wrote Something —- Wednesday, October 3, 2018

  1. What a glorious and heaert-felt truth. Sadly, many of us fear change, but change is just what is needed when that disquietness an unrest appear for us. We can gather more light, and Live Brave…….. and listen to God for direction in the still, small voice..and then—- be obedient and follow the lead…oftentimes our passions have been covered over with life in the veil of it….and re shining our way out and upward we find the bliss of a new beginning
    Thanks for this loving message…


  2. :0 Sounds good to me! I am all of those things…so who knows where to start. It is my hope that I am only depressed and stressed for a short time of mourning…I am crying less every day that is a good thing:)


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