Outside the Weather was Forceful and Damp—-Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Since the weather was damp and rather cool I decided I wanted to try my hand at creating and cooking a 9th Century Feast.

I just finished reading the whole series by Octavia Randolph set in the 9th Century Saxon-Viking era of Angle-Land (England) and Gotland, Switzerland.

Octavia Randolph is a very generous author allowing the first novel to be read free from her website AND she also allows you to download a book of Cookery Book(let)

Although, I had already purchased the Kindle version of her books before I visited her website.  But for those of you who wish to download the first book, the above link will take you there.

The Circle of Ceridwen is a marvelous adventure, I encourage you to enjoy the series also.

Anyway, after reading about Octavia Randolph’s Winter Feast, and her friend’s, Deborah Dishes take on the feast from the book of Cookery…

I decided I wanted to make a feast!

It took me two days to create—first off because of food allergy issues I had to make my (mock Venison pie) with a gluten-free crust. Then (instead of venison, being fresh out of venison, I cooked up a nice sized pork roast.

Then I got to thinking with all this prep work…lucky me two of our daughters called Sunday morning (the day I wanted to have a feast) and I invited them to come to share in a 9th Century feast.  Thankfully they came.

I sat the table with rather modern dishes (1970) and allowed the use of forks, spoons, and knives.  Being fresh out of ale or wine, they had to drink ICED water.  Other than those modern day conveniences we proceeded to have a feast.

Not wanting to create EVERYTHING I picked six items before we began I read to them a wee bit from the cookbook, so they understood the value of black pepper, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

Here is my take on a Gluten Free Venison Pie (mock)

Honeyed Carrots and parsnips with little flakes of mint

Lavender Pudding, which deflated a wee bit, but tasted wonderful

And oatcakes served for dessert with honey and cinnamon apples (of which I forgot to take a photo).

Everyone enjoyed everything!  They liked the little tidbits of knowledge I read to them, and the flavors of all the foods.

As for me…I want to do it again.  Using some of the other recipes in the book.  What a fun little feast we had.

From my world to your heart,










24 thoughts on “Outside the Weather was Forceful and Damp—-Tuesday, October 9, 2018

  1. It sounds a lot of fun. Shame you couldn’t get everyone to dress up to match, and drink out of cow horns and eat the meal off bread trenchers… Maybe you can work up to that? 😉


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