On Wednesday of Last Week — Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The storm clouds lifted for a spell last Wednesday moving on to parts not here.

Since it was so wet, Terry said, “Let’s go to Ouray and soak in the hot pool!”

Off we went…looking at the amazing clouds, the mountains, this is the Sawtooth Mountains and the beautiful colors of Autumn

The sky was incredible (this is Ridgeway, Colorado)

Not a lot of traffic on the road

The pool wasn’t crowded …. so the soaking was perfect for two hours,

Then on the way home, a motorcycle passed us from Indiana

At the stop light, we saw what was traveling with the gentleman…his DOG!

Best Friends for Life!!

Two thumbs up to that man!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


22 thoughts on “On Wednesday of Last Week — Wednesday, October 10, 2018

  1. I’m happy you were able to take advantage of a break in the weather to enjoy the hot pool. You certainly saw some beautiful clouds and skies on your trip. I don’t believe I’ve seen a dog on a motorcycle before. Do you think Boomer would enjoy something like that?


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  3. Gorgeous. I love Colorado. Garden of the Gods… Salida… Buena Vista… Manitou Springs… Vail… Sedalia… Woodland Park had the prettiest Walmart I have ever seen.

    I didn’t like spinning around on US160 in a snowstorm @ Wolf Creek Pass. I didn’t want see Durango THAT bad.

    Love these pix!


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