The Wheel of the Year Turns—Monday, October 15, 2018

Summer has ended, so has early fall

The plants are all gone…not just nipped, but finished

No more glimmering colors of brightness, no spicy and floral scents on the breeze

The air is now sharp with cold and the sky scudding with wind-blown grey clouds

The seasons have turned—

Jack Frost our visitor

Still, I am thinking there will be a few more rainbows before the snow clouds arrive.Β  After they come I will watch for Sundogs; beautiful colors of ice in the sky!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



33 thoughts on “The Wheel of the Year Turns—Monday, October 15, 2018

  1. It seems like we’ve almost missed our fall here too. There’s still a lot of harvesting to do, but it has quickly gone from hot summer to the low 40’s over night. So quickly. Looking forward to experiencing different seasons from a different part of the country through your blog!


  2. We had a week of quite cool weather and this week is in the high 70’s to almost 80 degrees but the nights are cold. We are above normal temps so far all year long. Time to go water as it’s also very dry. Have a wonderfilled week, Linda.


  3. I’m always sad when the veggies and flowers go. But you usually get a nice month of “Indian Summer”
    I like having 4 seasons…maybe with global warming, we’ll have shorter winters and longer summers


  4. How I envy your weather, Linda. We had a rainstorm last Friday…mild in the grand scheme of things, but aggressive for our area. And now they’re telling us to expect temps as high as 90F tomorrow! We had just dipped into temps low enough for pants at bedtime! As I type this, the transition winds are whipping around the house, which is lovely, but I can’t get over the dread of tomorrow. I hope your early winter is mild, while leaving you with enough water for next year.


  5. It’s over already? The season goes by quick up there. Still warm days here, but cool nights and early mornings. (Actually it is sunny from about noon to 4 and cold the rest of the time. Good sleeping weather.)


  6. Wow..interesting pics showing the sundogs! Yes our flowers are all gone now and we’ve had two days of snow this past week. It’s unseasonably cold for us this October. And last winter we had so many below zero days…I hope it won’t be a repeat of that. Time will tell I guess. All the best to you!


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