Songs of My Heart—Tuesday, October 16, 2018

There are so many things that set my heart to singing

Seeing the moon (at any time; day or night)  lifts my heart –and seeing a tiny star next to the moon makes the joy even more generous

Setting up on the rocky point the sky dancing with light….wonderous

Helping put the finished ditches and the latest harvested fields to bed for the winter, all within brilliant hues of light—buoyant

A wee walk in the night where there is nothing shining but house and farm lights and the STARS!—Priceless

While out on a small walkabout

Finding a heart rock….a gift from the earth, the wind and the Universe

Brought home to grace my window…exquisite

From my world to your heart,



18 thoughts on “Songs of My Heart—Tuesday, October 16, 2018

  1. When I read your words every day my spirit and heart are lifted. I tend to forget to be grateful for the beautiful little things . Thank you for reminding me.


    • I hope you find one soon! They are are shock and a delight. Look for heart shaped clouds, tree branch shadows, spider webs there are so many wonderful heart-shaped things. Only with rocks You can take them home.
      If you will send me your address I will share one with you!


  2. You have written a heart-lifting prose poem and illustrated it perfectly with your photos. Such moments are precious…. the kind that make real ‘forever’ memories.


  3. I am happy to have found your photos and posts today. I am scrap booking old photos from my grandmother’s lifetime. She is Dora Lucille Wootton Pierson, youngest sister of Henry Ashe Wootton. I had a jolly pose of Henry A. Wootton and a partly intact photo of the brothers with Harry Gillespie that I am trying to match with other scattered bits of information.


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