An Odd Thing was Said to Me—Wednesday, October 24, 2018

I ran into a couple at the big-box store recently…they were newly arrived in our community and struggling a wee bit to find something in the store.

Since I was picking up an item in the same aisle, the gentleman asked me for help.

Of which I gladly did.

One thing led to another, (they were very friendly souls); leading them to ask me where I lived —- thinking I must be in a sub-division or in town.

I smiled and told them my husband and I have a farm and we live out a ways from the city proper.

Then the lady shocked me totally by placing her hand on my arm her voice dripping with true sympathy…she patted my arm and expressed something to the effect she was sorry for me in my very narrow existence.

I should not have been shocked.

But I was.

For you see my existence is not narrow, nor is bleak…it’s not void of experiences or adventure or new and unusual things to see and do.

I smiled and wished them well.  Going on down the aisle to finish up my purchases.

Because of each of you, I forget that the common thought people have about farmers is they are either “corporate” or people who are uneducated, uninformed and walk around with a hay stem in their mouth.

But you, each and every one of you understands that this wondrous, joyful life we have here on our farm is anything but bleak or narrow nor is it void of adventure or beauty.

Yes, the work may be hard, but it isn’t boring for us.  Its just part and parcel of who we are and how we live our lives; each day marked upon our hearts.

From my world to your heart,


60 thoughts on “An Odd Thing was Said to Me—Wednesday, October 24, 2018

  1. It is sad that there are too many like them that do not have an understanding of what the world has to offer. I cannot imagine how little they know and understand how limited their lives are [or at least her, as we did not hear her husbands tale!] But you Linda have lived in a world of imagination and have traveled to meet others in places. I have traveled the world over from Gunnison to 47 of the 50 States: Canada. Five out of Seven South American States, Nine of Fourty-Nice the African States, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Phillippines Singapore and Indonesia.


  2. That woman sounds like a real city-slicker! You have to forgive them. You’ve got the right idea, in harmony with the land. No doubt, she was more in harmony with…shopping, commerce, and nosy neighbors.


    • I knew she didn’t really understand. Still I took me off-guard. Her voice was totally sincere and the look in her eye said how much she really felt sorry for me. I do forget that people can feel like farming and ranching are very isolated occupations and they are all about hard-core survival living.

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  3. Oh my, it is always amazing to me how little people know about other life styles. I wish you had invited them to visit your farm and see how fun and wonderful it is. Keep up the wonderful photos


  4. We are so lucky to live the lives we live! Poor lady just doesn’t understand. I am heading out to clean the sheep shed for a new occupant on this lovely , windy, colorful fall day. I will stick a stem of sweet hay in the corner of my mouth while I work.


  5. Ha ha, too funny, Linda. Little did that woman know that there is not enough money in the world to make you want to live in town or city. One time a delivery guy looked out over our miles of hay fields and meadows and mountains and very seriously said to me, “do you live out here because you want to?” I, too was shocked at this. Remote rural they call us….and we love it, just like you. Stunning pictures today.


  6. Oh, how they don’t understand our wonderful farm/country life! All the beauty we share with nature, the trials and tribulations we can have and the satisfied feeling that we made it thru them. The joy we have in caring for our herds and flocks; the satisfaction of a successful harvest. The bone tiredness we have at bedtime, but ready to do it all again come morning. I wouldn’t trade this life for anything, even tho I am now in retirement. Love your pictures with this post, Linda! City folks don’t get to enjoy our open skies.



  7. They will never know the wonderous sense of place that you and Terry have… Your connection to the land all around you. The love of nature and the joy it brings to you both. And that you so eloquently – through your photos and words – share it with us. Thank you! We are so lucky!

    Narrow existence? It’s possible that she only knows “narrow”.
    But that is SO not you guys!!!


  8. I find your life on a farm interesting. I enjoy the simple things in life and all your beautiful photos. Yes running a farm is hard work but the two of you make it all work because it makes you happy and is in your blood.
    Always wondered what camera and lens you use to get close ups of the moon. Mine never turn out. As always my favorite are the clouds and sky.


  9. Not really surprised.
    Some people – no make that many – have absolutely no idea of rural life.
    I reckon you have a far more rewarding life than that couple could imagine.
    Just so many people believe that food grows on supermarket shelves and I have
    said this so often it is becoming tedious.
    I reckon you should have given them a bored look of pity.
    Chin up. I know how hard you work and ENJOY the rewards.
    Your Aussie mate


  10. Oh.My Goodness! As we know, farm life is hard work, and nothing is perfect…but I am sooooooo thankful that I’ve lived most of my life on a farm, and that our kids had the wonderful experience of growing up with dirt under their fingernails (and in their hair and in places they probably wish it weren’t!) and having the feeling of falling into bed like they’d earned their rest. Shall I go on?! I have met so many people who are fascinated by farm life…it’s one of the reasons I started blogging…but I have never met one who reacted like this lady did to you! If only she knew what she was missing!
    Btw…you got some great pictures of the moon, and that sky in the last picture is amazing!


  11. I’ve been watching the moon this week as well. Should be full tonight. Your last shot of the clouds is stunning! I’ve never seen anything like it. Only where you live, I’d bet. I knew NOTHING about farming before I visited the one my husbands parents first owned but were absent landlords. Once we owned it we spent more time there so I could learn about the farm. Husband had no interest. The farmers that leased the land were funny, and extremely knowledgeable in more areas than I could even imagine. I wanted to live on that land and be active with it but it wasn’t in the cards. I still have extreme respect for farmers in a way I never would have. It’s a thankless job but a you have a life that should be envied. At least I do in so many ways. Don’t think I could work as hard as you do. 😉


  12. That last photo, my word!
    Silly woman. What exactly does she suppose is missing from your life? Let’s see: living shoulder to shoulder with other people, traffic, noise, pollution. I could go on… Ach, she makes me tired (as my mother would have said).
    And in case she imagines farmers are all Johnny Hayseeds, the farmers I know here are totally tech-savvy, are well-read and fully informed about technology and research, have websites and active lives on social media. Some live 100 miles from their farm gates and 500 miles to the nearest shop, running stock on 500,000 square miles of farm, manage their stock with helicopters, gyrocopters, motorbikes and some even have robots. Narrow and dull? I don’t think so…


  13. Good grief Linda…That is just about the strangest comment I have heard too!
    That lady doesn’t know what she is missing out on. And maybe that’s all right because maybe she would not appreciate living out in the country and communing with nature like you folks do. Continue to feel blessed with your situation Linda…because you truly are!


  14. How sad for those two people. They will never know the joys and beauty that you have every day. I wish I had the good fortune to live in a rural area because I have always felt that city life just was more irritating and unpleasant that anything else. I would love to have the sky for my roof, from horizon to horizon, the life just exploding around me – not the endless crazy humans and their busy, busy, non-life. Ah well, maybe I can escape the city eventually, it’s no place to really live. .


  15. I feel sort of bad for that lady because she has such a poor understanding of happiness and of what makes the world run (and she is rude on top of being foolish), I feel sorry for her, but I wouldn’t want to know her.


  16. Hi Linda! I´m one of these city-living people, commuting to my office every morning – and I love reading about your wonderful life :-)! Being close to nature, working under the big sky with your husband and faithfull four legged companions and reporting to us about all the adventures on the farm. Thanks Linda!


  17. Speaking for myself, YOU are the one who taught me the joy, variety, love, care, dedication, and downright fun that is farming. Your words and pictures always show the gratitude, fullness, and happiness we should all feel in the lives we chose.


  18. Oh my! For us, no one understands that there are farms in the region. The Santa Clara Valley is some of the most expensive real estate there is. People think that we work in ‘high tech’ (which baffles me as much as farms baffle them), and just grow grapes on our property. That is all farming is to them. There are those who buy a few acres, get some ‘service’ to plant and maintain a small vineyard on their hillside property, and then brag about how they are now experts in such agriculture and wine.


  19. it’s surprising and sad how limited people’s awareness is… I mean it’s 2018 – most of us are on the internet for at least 8 hours a day… I have to wonder what the heck are people doing on the internet – playing Candy Crush!! LOL
    She probably thinks that all people in rural areas are not ‘worldly’ or educated passed grade school. What does it say about her that they could ask you for assistance and then say that? Your story reminded me of my adventure in the local big box store… when a friend and I were talking about President Obama and we were called “N”-lovers.
    Nature has so much to teach us about everything else in the world… I much rather be a tree-hugger and Moon lover than a smug poophead. <— Technical term LOL
    Love you Linda, you are my kind of person ❤


  20. Before I speak harshly of the poor woman, I first must understand that I too have had similar thoughts, only on the opposite side. I have made statements to those who leave my small town to live in a city and said, “I am sorry to hear that.” Yet often they are THRILLED that they are getting the opportunity to go there. Having lived in rural communities on two continents I have found great delight in being away from large cities.


  21. That poor lady is missing out on so much. I guess it takes all kind of people. I met a lady once who said she could not live anyplace where there weren’t street lights…can you imagine…she never sees the stars:(


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