Preparing for Cows—-Tuesday, November 27, 2018

I’ve been side-tracked all morning.  So many things I needed to do BEFORE I sat down to write

That I am just now getting to chat with you

The cows are due to come soon….very soon….like SOON!

Before they get here Terry and I started working on the fences

And the gates.

Cows are amazingly curious creatures…if they find a weak spot, their curiosity gets the best of them—

which then gets the best of us! 🙂

Off now to go pick up siphon tubes!

You folks have a good one!
Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


19 thoughts on “Preparing for Cows—-Tuesday, November 27, 2018

  1. You can be 100% assured that cattle will find some escape route, thus in my younger days we, kids, on the property had the rule “Shut the gates” constantly ringing in our ears!

    Your horses look good.Do they belong to you?


  2. Oh wow Linda….I didn’t remember that the cows came this early…..I was thinking it was sometime in January. You folks are busy busy busy all the time there. At least you won’t get bored! Hope you get fences and gates mended in the nick of time! Thanks for stopping here to keep us all up-to-date!


    • The other cows used to come in January, but that rancher sold over half his herd so keep them on his own ranch. Because of that we had another rancher approach us last year. Sure was good to still have cows on the farm.


  3. When I was in school, there were a few unusual plants around my home. My roommates boarded horses to pay the rent, so I needed to keep the rare plants close to the home. Then, the neighbor’s few cattle found an unlocked gate at the end of the road near the corner of where we lived, and came directly over! Fortunately, there was no damage. It was actually rather funny.


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