Lessons Learned from Our Cat—-Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Mindy Min-Min Lou is/was a feral cat

Who arrived at our house one day determined to live with us.

At that point, she was around five years old.

When she arrived she had a split lip, which had to have hurt terribly when she got it.

She survived and continued to hunt.

But she is very, very, extremely watchful over big birds and dark flying shadows in the sky

As for the Lessons Learned from this cat:

  • Fix what you can and move on
  • Your life is your choice
  • Canned cat food is NOT as good a mouse…just say’n
  • Being impulsive is never a good idea
  • Beagles make good friends…well, at least one beagle does
  • Nothing.  NOTHING! Beats a nap in the house!

From my heart to your world,




32 thoughts on “Lessons Learned from Our Cat—-Tuesday, December 11, 2018

  1. We wish at times our cats would hunt more…they are out door cats but lately a couple of feral cats have shown up…they have the use of an old garage but we certainly don’t need more…they’ve been lucky the coyotes haven’t caught them ! Your cat sounds like a tuff ole Tom .oops, he is a she😼


  2. Loved reading this. Your feral cat seems quite domestic in many ways. She’s obviously decided you are good people. 😉 The comments are also fun to read. When you read what’s going on with most of the pet food on the market, Mindy may be one step ahead. Like Kate said.


  3. Charlee: “That looks like a good life, Mindy Min-Min Lou!”
    Chaplin: “Apparently we were feral once, but we don’t remember it.”
    Charlee: “Well we were very very very small then. Just tiny babies.”
    Chaplin: “I wonder if it’s true about mice tasting better than canned food.”
    Charlee: “If I ever catch one, I will let you know.”
    Chaplin: “Maybe I’ll catch one myself.”
    Charlee: “Leave the hunting to us girl cats, Chaplin. We’re better at it than you.”


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