Dancing in the Crisp Light — Wednesday, December 12, 2018

I tried my hand at photographing birds again.

It’s actually rather hard….at least for me

They skitter away in a flurry of wings at the slightest sound

Silently streaking off into the sky, safe from me and my camera

I have many shots of their backs as they swirl quickly away from me

Or I get their portrait through very dirty upstairs windows 🙂

The air is alive with singing

In a tiny shard of time

A hawk flew by looking for supper.  He is that weird shape next to the building.

From my world to your heart,







23 thoughts on “Dancing in the Crisp Light — Wednesday, December 12, 2018

  1. I think you’ve done remarkably well. I’m always without my camera when there’s a bird calmly sitting on something and looking at me, unafraid. The minute I have the camera, they’re away in a big rush.


  2. I think you’ve done a good job getting pictures of birds in flight. The backs of birds can be very beautiful. It is amazing, though, how birds (and other critters) seen to know when a camera is lurking near.


  3. I think your shots of birds are amazing! They are hard to catch at all, for me any who. Do you know what birds are covering for tree? That’s a lot of birds!


  4. I think birds and animals hear that high pitched hum in the camera.Humans have a harder time hearing it but as soon as you turn it on, every creature goes in the other direction. 😉 You did get some great shots in spite of that. I have a friend that build kind of a blind in her yard and sits in it quietly to capture some of the birds. I don’t have that kind of time or patience. 😉


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