There is Always One —- Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Terry and I were oiling the top of the snowmachine trailer

when I happened to look over by the canal and saw a cow meandering happily down the fence in the other field!

Terry took off down the long lane and shut the gate to our road, and opened the gate between our place and the other place.

Being a young cow— first-year heifer—she thought about throwing a wee fit, but also being very pregnant she decided running with a huge weight in her middle was just not going to happen she walked down the long lane until she got to our yard.

Then deciding NO ONE WAS GOING TO TELL HER WHAT TO DO….she crossed the dry canal, ran onto my lawn, ran to the corner of the yard and neatly jumped the electric fence, not even touching a hoof to the wire.

Next step for us was to find out where she jumped out and fix the fence there.

Our neighbors, next door, are big farmers and just finishing up the last of their corn.

Boomer and I helped.

Later we all took a small walk as the sun went down.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



23 thoughts on “There is Always One —- Wednesday, December 19, 2018

  1. A very determined heifer!

    Have a great Christmas – we – the family are off to Noumea, New Caledonia tomorrow with Aircalin,
    the Airline of French New Caledonia. Only a 2 hour 50 minutes flight……so will be tropical palms, azure blue seas and lagoons and French bagels and other delights of the French Cuisine repertoire. – God help the Kanuks of Noumea – 45 of us!
    Back on the 28th December. Hopefully without kids carrying injuries from coconut tree climbing attempts etc.- ha ha.


  2. When I was in school, the neighbors’ cattle sometimes came into my yard through a gate that was left unlocked . . . .repeatedly. The problem was that I am a horticulturist, with many rare specie in my garden. The cattle did not care how rare anything there was when they wanted to eat it.


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