The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— And Then

Everything is back to normal…

I still greet the Mail Lady when she drives down our long, long lane,

I go for walks with Mom,

and with my sisters (when they are here) and Mom,

I meet Mom coming home EVERY SINGLE TIME,

I go with Mom to check out stuff on the farm —

but to be honest, it is VERY muddy out there and hard to get around—

I keep the farm safe,

check for news anytime I go outside,

and I get my feet washed (which I hate) when I come back in because of the MUD!

But the thing I do the very best…is Bay at The UPS MAN!

You see we used to have a very bad UPS man, he would kick at me, he even threw his coat at me once, yelled at me, ran at me like he was going to tackle me. Mom saw each and everything he did.

Finally, one day Mom said… “You do one more thing to my dog and I’m calling your supervisor.” The bad UPS driver just got in his truck and gunned it out of the yard.

Mom didn’t call his supervisor, but she sure thought long and hard about it.

THEN ONE DAY we had a new driver…he comes with DOG TREATS!

Mom always meets him at the truck so he doesn’t have to get out, but the other day he got out before Mom got there.

You see Mom’s package was all torn and beat up.  This really nice UPS driver met Mom and showed her the package, then filed a report for her.


I refused to listen to Mom.

The UPS driver said that I could talk all I want, he said he LIKES beagles! Can you imagine that!


Then I bayed him down the lane to the bridge and came back home very proud of myself.

Mom gave me a COOKIE!!

There is something good about being a watch beagle!


P.S.  Mom wants you to know some of the photos were taken earlier when we didn’t have snow and mud.  But you don’t mind, I’m sure.



14 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— And Then

  1. Booties. Fir snow and mud season you need booties Boomer! Just like the Iditarod pups. Then you wont have to have your feet washed.
    And yes, love pix of you any and all seasons 🙂


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