The Fields are Heaped with Birds—-Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Sandhill cranes are amazing this year.  For Years and Years, I used to stand outside and wave at the Cranes inviting them to land on our farm

“Please land”, I would holler, you are most welcome here.

Then for some reason, only the Sandhill Cranes know and understand, we had three Cranes come in late fall and spend the days with us

Then gradually, over the winter, more and more started landing and staying filling the fields with their trilling calls.

Over time, we have had a steadily growing number

Then the other day those most welcome Canada Geese found us!!

Landing in the field to the east of our house.

We are alive with the sounds of large bird calls!

My heart is filled with joy!

From my world to your heart,




34 thoughts on “The Fields are Heaped with Birds—-Thursday, February 7, 2019

  1. You probably need ear plugs after a while.
    Here the white cockatoos in their 100’s screech their heads off.
    The noise at times is deafening.
    The wretched Indian mynas don’t tangle with the cockatoos, they
    would come off a very bad second best, but they do get at nests when
    the cockatoos are on their feeding “safaris”, eat the eggs and kill the chicks!
    Be vigilant.


  2. How nice to have all those big beautiful birds around. We have had many Canada geese in the various places we’ve lived too. Did you know they mate for life? Enjoy their presence while they’re visiting you!


  3. J & D > We wonder whether the Canada Geese are present in numbers – and at a time of year, when they damage your crops? Here in Uist, geese of any breed have become public enemy number 1 (no, make that 2 – second only to the conservation agencies and NGO’s that seek to protect them). The geese over-winter here in very large numbers (in total – they are in smaller groups scattered around the islands). Some have become semi-resident. The geese are blamed for fouling of grazing, damaging hay and arable crops, none of which are especially profitable, but are part of the key to the much more valuable and scarcely yet established tourism industry. It is therefore a great pleasure to us to read of your joy at all these beautiful and wondrous creatures, the intelligence of which most people seem to be in complete ignorance of.


    • The geese and the canes leave us when the weather warms. Going up north. Those that I am in contact with in the North love them. They are the bringer of warmer weather. For me they make winter bearable !


  4. I’m always so happy to see the geese at the end of winter too. Means spring is coming soon. All those birds would make me happy too. We don’t see the sand cranes but the geese are often plentiful and the freeway comes to a complete stop if they wander out. We wait (most of us) for our geese. Great photos of them.


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