I Suffer from S.A.D.—-Wednesday, February 13, 2019


I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) I have forever.  Even as a child.  Winter, for me, is a hard time.  It isn’t actually winter, its the dark grey days.  When the sun shines (even if it is cold) I have true joy in my soul.

But over time, I have learned to do many different things to help…the daylight producing light bulbs are a huge relief, getting outside and actually working my body helps, just getting outside helps…my worst thing for me is mild depression ( a feeling of being inexpressibly sad)  and a subtle form of anxiety.

Nothing earth shattering —I can still function and move forward within my day. I am NOT a clinical case…if you are wondering.

As I’ve aged I realize that depression is lifted from being outside and viewing the world through my camera. Taking photos give me great joy…and that makes me feel renewed.

Surrounding myself in color is another thing that lifts me up. I even use Christmas lights all year, changing the colors to match the month…Blue for January, Red for February, Green for March, Purple for April, White for May, June, July, August, Gold for September and October, Multi-colored for November and December.  I change the colors in my house also (just the table clothes and paper flowers to match the color of the month).   That way I have color inside that matches the stunning colors of outdoors.

And paying attention to all those delightful and marvelous living ‘things’ which populate our earth; showing me that each day is a wonder and each day moves us toward another day, which then moves us toward a hint of spring, even if the day we are in (like today) is a firm reminder we are still in  winter with cold winds and heavy drifting clouds.

WHEW!  That was a LONG sentence!

Well, I apologize from baring my soul to you…but if you suffer from SAD maybe my 70 years of experience on how to help maybe just might help you.

  • ´*¨`*• ♡¸.• •❥

From my heart to your world,


41 thoughts on “I Suffer from S.A.D.—-Wednesday, February 13, 2019

  1. We are so alike for people who live so far apart. I got a huge lot better when we moved up here where every room is full of windows. Cold as heck because of it, but since we live out of sight of neighbors, hardly any curtains. It really helps a lot. Can’t wait for spring though. Take care.


  2. I suffer from SAD too. Fortunately, I moved South and it isn’t a problem unless we have many gray days in a row. However, the 6 years I spent in Pennsylvania, winters were almost debilitating. I was a homeschooling momma and spent winter nearly reclusive. Come October, I headed for my annual prescription of anti-depressants. Each day, I tried to stand in the window and take in some form of winter beauty, but oh my Gosh, I’m so glad to be outta there! So glad you have coping mechanisms in place.💙


  3. I think you have a wonderful prescription for fighting S.A.D. and I appreciate the fact that we get to share the beauty you find outdoors. You have no need to apologize for ‘baring your soul’: thanks for letting us know we are not alone.


  4. I don’t suffer from S.A.D. – I actually prefer the cold and grey – but few things make my heart skip like trees wrapped in strings of tiny lights, especially when it’s nowhere near the holidays.


    • I have to force myself to do things, but it does help if I do! I have a friend who grew up where it rains most of the time year ’round. She says when it rains here she finds it ever so lovely and refreshing. And wishes it would last for days and days. I would collapse if that happened. 🙂


  5. The weather here has changed from 25 years ago. Used to be we had snow storms and then brilliant blue skies with dazzling crystal snow that would crunch underfoot. It was beautiful. Nowadays mostly grey skies and some snow. Mostly grey winter. Yes, SAD and snarky. Woe to the Spam callers these days..they get the brunt of it. Next time I am in town I will buy fresh flowers….hard to stay SAD with that beauty, isn’t it? You have good ideas, Linda.


  6. I don’t suffer from SAD, but do I find a long string of grey, overcast days depressing, so our Wet season can be a bit of a trial. I get a lot more sun in Australia than I did in the UK, and I’m definitely more cheerful and positive here, so I think the sun has the power to lift spirits for most of us.

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  7. Me Too. I’m in Stockton,ca on a 117 acre walnut farm, caretaking the 7 acre portion of 2 dilapidated houses & 6 acres of fields, barns, chickens and MUD EVERYWHERE! I’m planning on moving back to Colorado for the sunshine.   You may laugh but compare that to weeks of fog in the SF Bay Area  til noon, during the summer and winter; endless overcast sky’s, low level fog, rain every 3rd to 4th day from Oct to April, and mud that never dries out, wind gusts around 25-40 mph, I’d give anything to be in Delta. Add endless traffic on freeways and the main 3 roads to these hick towns and you’d be ready to move to Death Valley. At least you two could take off during the winter for Arizona for a month or two. Thanks  for the great pictures and be happier knowing you live in Colorado. Regards, Steve McGowan


    • We could go to Arizona, and we have given it thought. But there always seems to be something we need to do on the farm (YAY) as you well know and leaving that until we came back would not be a good thing. Your farm of walnuts sounds fun, actually. The weather not so much.


  8. I love your idea of leaving the Christmas lights up and changing colors 🙂 I spend most of the days in the sun room, windows all around. You’d love it!


  9. Oh my goodness, so do I!! We have had so much rain and cloudiness here for the past (almost) YEAR!!! If I’m around people, it helps my mood, but the long, quiet evenings are hard. I also get a mild form of anxiety, and feel a little depressed. Bring on springtime, budding trees, longer days, and I’ll feel better! I wish sunshine for you too!!


  10. I know many people who suffer with S.A.D. You have some good ideas about how to deal with it and get through the winter months and low-light times. Just think, every day we’re closer to Spring! Hang in there Linda! We can do this!


  11. I so know what you are talking about. I had a room once upon a time that had full spectrum light fixtures in it for other reasons but it helped me to stay in there when the days were gray. What on earth I’m doing living in Portland, Oregon is beyond anyone who knows me. I’m solar powered. My house does not get much light and I can’t grow plants inside. So I turn on every light in the house and lots of music to keep me going. I also have a full spectrum lamp (a gift from my son) to turn on if it gets to me. But getting outside, as you do helps so much. My sewing room has great lamps too that help and I’m sitting under a full spectrum right now. It will be behind us in a few weeks. We see very little sun all winter. I need sunlight…soon. Hang in there.


  12. I am touched by the vulnerability and honesty of this post, together with your resilient spirit that keeps opening you to wonder and bringing it to others. Your posts are always so inspiring and I love reading them..


  13. They do make lights you can use! I guess my mood swings with the weather but a walk outside does wonders and I hate the days that it is too cold to go outside. I keep busy! 🙂 I had to laugh at you saying it is not clinical. case…self diagnosis! I am certain a shrink would just shake his /her head at me:)


    • I’m sure! I took five years of Prozac then one day I said ENOUGH! I didn’t really see any help and I gained a ton of weight. Then with my body free of the drug I lost 20 pounds (and still need to lose more) and I started practicing the things I wrote about. I still have anxiety, depression and a mild fear of things going to go bad, but I know and understand what it is and I work at filling my life with other things and thoughts. Then when the sun is shinning I go outside and DANCE in it!


  14. I’m no fan of gray days, as you might guess, so I appreciated this share. But to me, it’s funny you (a resident of beautiful Colorado) mention SAD — because our Colorado ‘kids’ moved there specifically to get her out of Western Washington/Oregon’s gray winter climate. They looked for jobs in places where the sun shined — and Boulder County had a lot of sunny days (they’ve been there 20 years or so now, so I’ve forgotten the statistics). All I know is that her health improved immeasurably once they got there. She grew up on the prairie and never did adjust after her (original) family moved to Eugene — suffering greatly from SAD. (Long gray winter days witih not much sun breaks in Seattl where they lived and worked before their move. It’s much worse there than in Eugene.)


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