The Amazing Sunset on the Beach—-Tuesday, February 13, 2018

We headed back down to the beach later in the afternoon

Enjoying the sun, the sand, and the people.  Gradually the sun started to set

Terry and Carolyn.

I stood in awe

This couple was having a great time dancing in the rising tide and singing to golden oldies.  They said I could take their photo 🙂

The world turned to gold!


Later, much later we all went for a walk in the dark

Even here, it’s nice to take a wee walk in the dark!

From my world to your world,



Awash in the Light of the Moon—Monday, February 13, 2017


There is an energy, a voice of such fullness, an undefinable something, which causes some of us to crave walking in that silver glow called moonlight.


I watch the heavens daily paying attention to the moon growing, growing


Changing daily, until one day;


the sky ablaze, with the glory of the stars, the moon grows larger in a thick velvet sky


Shining  immense and bright— burning silver and ice into the night.

From my world to your heart,