A Quiet Orderly Life — Monday, February 13, 2023

This is the lull before the ‘getting ready to farm’ work begins.

We are making lists and checking them —

fences to fix, pipes to lay, trees to cut down off the ditch banks, hauling dirt—the list grows.  Just enough.

Then we begin.  After which we get out on the land and start farming!

Just weeks away now.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



That Ancient and Wondrous Gift Called Life —- Thursday, February 13, 2020

It is that time of year!  Oh! The! Joy!

A wee walkabout (TWICE) upon the farm yesterday told us, this year the rancher left the cows too long.

He normally likes to have them at the ranch house, closer and easier to monitor them

I understand.

But this year they got to stay longer than normal

Which works for me!

Three new babies yesterday, more to come today!

I am sooo excited!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


I Suffer from S.A.D.—-Wednesday, February 13, 2019


I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) I have forever.  Even as a child.  Winter, for me, is a hard time.  It isn’t actually winter, its the dark grey days.  When the sun shines (even if it is cold) I have true joy in my soul.

But over time, I have learned to do many different things to help…the daylight producing light bulbs are a huge relief, getting outside and actually working my body helps, just getting outside helps…my worst thing for me is mild depression ( a feeling of being inexpressibly sad)  and a subtle form of anxiety.

Nothing earth shattering —I can still function and move forward within my day. I am NOT a clinical case…if you are wondering.

As I’ve aged I realize that depression is lifted from being outside and viewing the world through my camera. Taking photos give me great joy…and that makes me feel renewed.

Surrounding myself in color is another thing that lifts me up. I even use Christmas lights all year, changing the colors to match the month…Blue for January, Red for February, Green for March, Purple for April, White for May, June, July, August, Gold for September and October, Multi-colored for November and December.  I change the colors in my house also (just the table clothes and paper flowers to match the color of the month).   That way I have color inside that matches the stunning colors of outdoors.

And paying attention to all those delightful and marvelous living ‘things’ which populate our earth; showing me that each day is a wonder and each day moves us toward another day, which then moves us toward a hint of spring, even if the day we are in (like today) is a firm reminder we are still in  winter with cold winds and heavy drifting clouds.

WHEW!  That was a LONG sentence!

Well, I apologize from baring my soul to you…but if you suffer from SAD maybe my 70 years of experience on how to help maybe just might help you.

  • ´*¨`*• ♡¸.• •❥

From my heart to your world,


The Amazing Sunset on the Beach—-Tuesday, February 13, 2018

We headed back down to the beach later in the afternoon

Enjoying the sun, the sand, and the people.  Gradually the sun started to set

Terry and Carolyn.

I stood in awe

This couple was having a great time dancing in the rising tide and singing to golden oldies.  They said I could take their photo 🙂

The world turned to gold!


Later, much later we all went for a walk in the dark

Even here, it’s nice to take a wee walk in the dark!

From my world to your world,


Awash in the Light of the Moon—Monday, February 13, 2017


There is an energy, a voice of such fullness, an undefinable something, which causes some of us to crave walking in that silver glow called moonlight.


I watch the heavens daily paying attention to the moon growing, growing


Changing daily, until one day;


the sky ablaze, with the glory of the stars, the moon grows larger in a thick velvet sky


Shining  immense and bright— burning silver and ice into the night.

From my world to your heart,