A Song of Storms and Wind—-Sunday, February, 17, 2019

Friday night a storm started blowing in

The moon once clear, but with a halo, became fuzzy with clouds

By morning we were in a series of storms

The clouds grey and vaporous, dark and wraithlike

The wind pushing them along in a haunting song of winter’s lullaby

The wind was so sharp and cold it could peel your skin

All around the storm’s outriders turned the world to grey and then white

The wind howled and the rain fell flat and stinging

But by evening the lashing storm had spent itself, moving onward to other parts of the land

The clouds turned to gold and the air filled with sunshine.

Although, we are cold today…the day is beautiful; singing a much different song then yesterday!

From my heart to your world,


30 thoughts on “A Song of Storms and Wind—-Sunday, February, 17, 2019

  1. What a day! So many changes…great photos following them. Funny how the sun came out so beautifully just as it was almost time for it to disappear for the day. That often happens on rainy days in Oregon too.


  2. ah (like the beatles’ song) yesterday. axually not so bad here — got in a desert bike ride with and for the dogs before the ground softened up (yesterday) — and, as you know (well, I sort of assume we have much of “the same weather”) a bit more of the white stuff this a.m. still hasn’t melted off, yet. life’s in limbo today, Betty has arranged for a bit of house-remodeling (a new bedroom floor) so, hence, the limbo. do you read/see The Denver Post? yesterdaze feature article on the drought in our state, with pixures of a ranching couple in Whitewater, of all places ~


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