Watching the Edge of the Mountains—-Thursday, March 21, 2019

Boomer and I went for our wee evening walk, coming home just in time to see the Worm Moon starting to rise over the Paonia Mountains

I don’t usually mark my photos, allowing any and all of you to copy and use as long as you give me credit,

But I felt these were exceptional.

You are still welcome to use them

The sight was wonderful; fully charged with the golden glow of the Worm Moon of March

The sky was just darkening

The rising moon’s light lifting into the world

So huge and large

I stood mesmerized!

From my world to your heart,




42 thoughts on “Watching the Edge of the Mountains—-Thursday, March 21, 2019

  1. Just stunning. Maybe you should have it made into a framed photo to hang up….keep that moment forever. Wild swan flocks have come to the fields to rest up before heading further north. Hundreds of them. The air is alive with beautiful bird sounds. Next will be the pelicans!


  2. Extremely beautiful photos, well worth copyrighting. Down Under, our moon rise was much less impressive – and I must have missed the reason why it’s called the Worm Moon?


  3. exceptional indeed – thank you. same moon over here, but i’ll never see it like that. and my imagination sees it like a big beach ball bouncing on ocean waves, another thing i’ll never see over here, lol. happy spring.
    –suz in ohio, where it’s snowing/raining again, but i have NO complaints compared with what i see about nebraska, etc.


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