My Dog Cousins—Tuesday, April 2, 2019

My dog cousins get to go on really cool long walks and runs when my oldest sister and Jason go for horseback rides.  They tell me they even get to sing at the top of their voices, because the wind, the sunlight, and trees love to hear hounds singing in the woods!

The ride in the tack room of the trailer is ever so comforting and restful.

I’ve gotten to go a couple of times and boy is it so much FUN!

Boomer Beaglie on a TUESDAY!  Can you believe THAT!




18 thoughts on “My Dog Cousins—Tuesday, April 2, 2019

  1. I do love to hear beagles or fox hounds run the woods and bark. I could sit on the porch and it is like music to my ears.


  2. Today’s comment link seems to be broken so I thought I’d try yesterday’s. I’ve left comments on other blogs just to see if the problem originated here but they worked. Just a heads up is what I wanted to give you. Those were awe inspiring skies you have there.


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