Those Gentle Springtime Buds —- Thursday, April 25, 2019

Cherry Blossoms

Whenever I walk outside in Springtime, I always feel as if I have entered into a scared time

Cottonwood Leaves

When we have finally crossed that bridge leaving winter behind

Linda’s Tarda Tulips

and step into a whole other world

Pear buds

One whereby we must always ask permission to wander in

Pear Buds

The tiny buds on each and every branch are carriers of hopes and dreams

Pear Blooms

Their beauty so sweetly scented the air is light and playful


Each little bud the keeper of secrets


And soon to manifest the solid reminder of the tree to reproduce itself in fruit.

A walk in the yard is a walk into whorls and swirls of lace and fragrance of a most fleeting and magical time.

From my heart to your world,



12 thoughts on “Those Gentle Springtime Buds —- Thursday, April 25, 2019

  1. Beautiful flowers and yard. And the heavenly blossoms!! We can see the bridge to Spring, but have not crossed it yet. But soon.


  2. Springtime in Paris (the one in France . . . which is some obscure country in Europe) is supposed to be something spectacular. So is springtime in Manhattan (which is another town that is less obscure than Paris because it isn’t French). Those who live in various places believe that their respective springtime is the best; Seattle, Washington D. C., Philadelphia, Calgary and such (but probably not Ecuador). However, the MOST EXCELLENT springtimes in the entire UNIVERSE were those in the Santa Clara Valley when it was full of orchards!


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