Etta Sweet Etta —- Thursday, May 9, 2019

With a very sad, sad heart Boomer’s Sweet Friend

and Dog Cousin —the life of the party….always ready to do fun things—like going sledding with kids, singing songs, and giving Boomer kisses

Left our world…taking the Sparkle from our lives.

Rest peacefully, Sweet Girl.  The Gods have you safe now.

Etta Pony Brown-Butero

July 2015-May 2019

24 thoughts on “Etta Sweet Etta —- Thursday, May 9, 2019

  1. Awww so sorry, Boomer. So hard to lose your furry friends. She is running with Fuzzy now at the Rainbow Bridge, waiting for you when it is time. I know, missing her is the worst thing.


  2. My sympathies, Boomer, it’s always hard having someone cross the Rainbow Bridge. Smoky left us on the 7th of March, he was 16 years, 5 months old. He’s the 10th of my boys to cross the Rainbow Bridge. It’s the first time in 53 years we’ve been without a fur baby. You know Fuzzy will take good care of Etta.


  3. Charlee: “Oh no, how awful! We’re so sorry that Etta had to go to the Rainbow Bridge, especially like that.”
    Chaplin: “There’s no pain or fear over the Rainbow Bridge and we’re sure she has already helped herself to lots of delicious food at Tucker’s Everlasting Rainbow Bridge Buffet.”
    Lulu: “What is Tucker’s Everlasting Rainbow Bridge Buffet?”
    Chaplin: “Dennis told me all about it. Our brother Tucker the Vizsla, who we never met, always loved food and treats, and when he went to the Rainbow Bridge, since that was what he liked best, he set up a big buffet there that never runs out of food, to share with all the animals who go there.”
    Lulu: “Hmm. In that case, what I like best are belly rubs, so I think that when I go to the Rainbow Bridge someday, I will set up an Everlasting Belly Rub Buffet. And I will make sure Etta gets all of them that she wants.”


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