I am Always Inordinately Pleased with the Common Things of Life — Wednesday, May 29, 2019

It’s been downright cool here of late

Still, the cooler weather has the spring flowers looking nice

The wind has been rather terrible, causing the tall bearded iris to slant and wave dangerously

Some  of the plants are showing yellow from the lack of sunshine,

But others seem to flourish in the limited sun and warmth

Still the spring air

of very cool, nights and slightly warmer days

Seem to bring something special to my garden of blooms

So here we are

with the weather a tad raw,

Being gifted with jewels

Of a most wondrous kind!

From my heart to your world,



34 thoughts on “I am Always Inordinately Pleased with the Common Things of Life — Wednesday, May 29, 2019

  1. Iris and columbine…my most favorite flowers and yours are the most beautiful I have seen. What joy to walk thru your garden with you. We have had cold and wet weather for two weeks, but today there is a bit of sunshine.


  2. Your iris are just gorgeous, especially the dark purple. I used to have columbine that were a dark purple, but lost all my seeds when we moved. I do miss having a place to grow some flowers. We’ve been chilly and rainy and looks like it will stay that way a few days yet.


  3. Wow Linda….you have such gorgeous flowers blooming! The peonies and Iris are my springtime favorites but I love all of your photos of beautiful flowers. Thank, you for amazing Eye Candy!!!


    • I think I’m a spring flower fan, when summer comes (my favorite time of the year) we are too hot and dry with hot winds that my yard just doesn’t do as well. So here I am with a love of Spring flowers and a love of hot summer days and nights. Go Figure. I get the best of both worlds, I suppose 🙂


  4. Beautiful flowers! More than we’ve seen, here in WI, yet. My tulips are blooming but not irises. I have a friend who lives in Ophir. They said there it has still been snowing at 9,000 ft! Crazy weather!


  5. Columbine always looks so much better in other people’s gardens. So do peonies. Well, I suppose many things that need different climate do. I planted three columbine earlier, but I do not expect much from them. It was not my idea.


  6. Your yard is so beautiful Linda ~ As always! Plants just want to grow and bloom for you, cause they know it makes you smile 😉


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