Off on an Adventure Chapter Three

We traveled along, going past the BIG Alfalfa field, which means we have to skirt the bottom of the field, but that really isn’t a problem.  You see Mom and Dad have a road all around the whole bottom of the BIG alfalfa field so all we had to do was stay on the road.

About the middle of the Big Alfalfa field road, we all got tired and hot and thirsty.  Since there is a wee creek in the bottom of the valley between two knobs of hills, we all traveled down to the creek.

There we rested.  Drinking gulps of water and crawling under a Chico brush to let the hot sun of the afternoon pass on by.

Suddenly out of nowhere I hear one of the Squirrels chittering and chattering and Handsome, the Pheasant squawk and fly off yelling “ALARM! ALARM!”

I bounced myself awake, hitting my head on a low-lying limb.

“WHAT IS THE MATTER!”  I yelled! “What is happening!”

Stewart was standing upright screaming something in squirrel talk…so fast and so loud I couldn’t make heads or tails of what he saying.

“Slow down! SLOW DOWN” I bayed.  “WHAT IS HAPPENING!”

(Photo by Cloudy Doyle)

“SPIDER!”  Stewart screamed.  “Spider just about to land on you!”

(Photo by Cloudy Doyle)

I jumped way up, tangled myself into the brush, knocked my head on something then the world went black.

Way, way later I woke up, my head hurting, my body in some sort of twist so it was also in pain.  I gradually stood shook myself all over, took a few steps and laid back down again.

“Hey, Boomer. You awake now?”  Stanley climbed up on my back and pulled at my ears. “You ready to do something, Boomer?  You’ve slept the whole afternoon away.”

“Slept?” I pondered.

“I sure don’t feel like I’ve slept,” I muttered.

“Well, you did. The night is coming on and you are just now waking up.”

“Well, since night is coming on, it won’t hurt to ……………….” I fell over in another sleep.





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