Wild Wet Beating from the Sky —- Wednesday, July 31, 2019

You can’t Calm the Storm. What you Can do is Calm yourself. The Storm will Pass. (Unknown)

A small teasing wind started blowing around Two O’clock yesterday afternoon

When suddenly the clouds burst open

Causing Terry to come in as quickly as possible

Still not soon enough

Wet was the word.

Perfect for the earth, the plants, and the air!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



10 thoughts on “Wild Wet Beating from the Sky —- Wednesday, July 31, 2019

  1. I have a couple of ideas about traveling in retirement.. If you wait until the right time, you won’t ever travel. Start small– a road trip to something different, but close by and not a lot of trouble, or very expensive. From where you live, a few days in the Colorado Springs, Estes Park, Rocky Mountain scenic points might be nice Try to avoid any weekend and all tourist times–June, July, August. Completely different but still an easy drive away would be Albuquerque, and/or Santa Fe.
    The key is to set a date and go!!! Start with a few days and work up Be very flexible about how long you will be gone. See things as the spirit moves you.. Just enjoy. The Grand Canyon and Flagstaff are not too far. There is more to see and do than you will get to. Just get started. After my Daddy died, Mama and I had a conversation about how sorry we were about the things we DIDN’T do, and I try to remember that. Good luck and ENJOY!!! Kiss your babies for me.



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