Where Do Childhood Dreams Go? —- Sunday, August 4, 2019

“Things you are passionate about are not Random They are your Calling.”—By Fabienne Fredrickson  

Sometimes I wonder.  Where do all those fantasies we dreamed of, as young children,  vanish too?

They seem to become lost somewhere between growing up and growing old

I have spent some time pondering this: looking back upon some of my childhood dreams and desires

Their radiance of possibly more like a thin vapor in my old age

Still, within the scudding, mundane chores and routines of every day

They surely are there in the shielding cover of adulting.

Sometimes I get a wee spark of that time, of years long gone, when the possibility of life and being alive and creating a space in the time called living shine forth once more.

A place where it is easy to listen to the voice of your childhood dreams

Where the shaded windows of your own soul wake up and you remember and feel the excitement all over again.

From my world to your heart,



20 thoughts on “Where Do Childhood Dreams Go? —- Sunday, August 4, 2019

  1. I think they are still there ~ like in the rainbows you capture so nicely, and in the flowers that you tend. The the hens that live with you and bless you with eggs, and the joy that Boomer & kitties bring. The dreams might get transformed in to something more special, like your love for that man who loves the land so very much. There, there…. just different 💕 )))hugs(((


  2. Oh Linda, that’s beautiful. What a wonderful thing to contemplate. Remember all those exciting fantasies we used to have. I think you’ve issued a call to action–to retrieve our dreams and fantasies and the pleasure they gave us. Sometimes I’m afraid they have become the ruminations that we succumb to too often. What a wonderful idea to contemplate today. I think you are pushing us on the road to renewed pleasure. Thank you! You are a tremendous addition to my life. Katie


  3. Lovely pictures and an important question… I try to live in the ‘shine’ but it’s hard when ppl around you don’t (and seem to not like those who do).
    I am so glad to have gotten back on your blog… your words and pictures bring me so much peace. x0x


  4. All it takes is to stand on a hill with a gale whipping back your hair, or to stand on the shore and smell the thousand-mile wind. Your dreams and sense of adventure will wake right back up. At least, that’s how it works with me 🙂


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