Another Sign of Autumn—-Tuesday, August 20, 2019

(From Pinterest)

I watch the skies all the time now. (Well, actually, I watch the skies constantly)

Always, searching, looking, gathering clues

The Barn Swallows are starting to gather

We have around 50 or so, I can’t really keep count.  They are migrating in and gathering with the ones who have lived here all summer

They rest on the electric wires, in the bushes and the trees by our house in the nighttime.

The daylight hours are full of swoops and twirls as the Mosquitos and other flying bugs become supper.

It’s very nice for us.  We can sit outside into —way dark—without even a thought of a Mosquito bite.

Our Swallows still have a nest of baby birds which need to fledge.

But it won’t be long now. I sometimes wonder how those last little fledglings do it.  Out of the nest, off they go.  Way, way far away.

For a short time they practice, flying high with the other Swallows; everyone gathers, near and far…suspended on the wires.  (Sometimes they rest for a few days, only flying off to gather food for a full tummy)

Then they all lift wing as one —-and are gone. Fading away in the sky

I hope I am home when the ‘Great Lift Off’ occurs.  I’ve missed it the last two years.

From my world to your heart,



21 thoughts on “Another Sign of Autumn—-Tuesday, August 20, 2019

  1. Most migratory birds use the length of the day, the availability of food and their hormones to tell them what time of year it is. Thanks to these internal alarm clocks North American birds know when it is the fall and time to head south to their wintering grounds and when it is spring and time to migrate north to their breeding grounds.


  2. Your photos are so insightful. We look at birds but don’t see them like you do, I think. Except for a few stragglers, our swallows have left, also. But, the gold finches have arrived to eat the wild thistle seeds. They will be here for a few weeks. Bald eagles are still here…love watching them sitting on telephone poles.


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