In the Sun and Clouds We Worked—Wednesday, September 18, 2019

We were over working on some fencing needs

Off and on all day yesterday

We were in the rich pastures

And along the bottom of the hillsides

Back and forth, checking fences, bringing things needed to repair them, bringing trash back home

It was a good feeling to be out in the golden world,

The air was spiced with the mix of weeds, wild alfalfa, and corn pollen

The sun warmed the day and a cooling breeze kept us refreshed

The air is full of sounds of fat pollen-covered bees, nasty grasshopper wings, and the fluttering of butterflies.

Then over-head, in the middle of a large color muting cloud, was the first of the big winter birds; the Canada Geese!

Winter is not far away now.

Welcome Back You Big Beautiful Birds!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


15 thoughts on “In the Sun and Clouds We Worked—Wednesday, September 18, 2019

  1. It’s amazing how one sound or smell can tip your perception over into a new season: the smell of rain or gardenias, the ‘whop, whop’ sound of fruit bat wings, the first autumn giggle of the currawongs, the smell of gum trees on an early summer morning…


  2. We waved goodbye to our Sandhill Cranes. No chick again this year as the coyotes were very active. Sad. It will be the last time we see them as there are no Sandhills where we will be going. I will so miss them. They are headed your way; please wave them ‘hello’. Overnight, the air changed into fall. One day it was summer and the next the season changed. Cold and rainy fall. (sigh).


    • Sigh! I just know that you will be warmer once you get to your new place. So maybe a few more days of summer. As for coyotes…I detest them. I will be delighted to see the Cranes and will let everyone know the moment I do. Happy Moving!


  3. I’m just so excited to see the autumn show itself that winter hasn’t crossed my mind yet. I think we will fly through the seasons again this year. I’ve been looking for the geese as they stop here on their way as well. You do make the changing of the seasons sound poetic.


  4. What is your first picture of Linda, is it a drone of some kind? I was waiting for you to mention it but didn’t see any mention. Love your pictures and smells of autumn that you mention. Hope you see the cranes your reader mentioned. Take care!


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