That Rippling Sensation on a Ditch — Sunday, October 6, 2019

So far I have saved five (5) Woolly Bear Caterpillars from ‘death by drowning’ along one of the cement ditches

Three of them were actually in the water, curled up in little balls, floating along in the pounding waves.

They would have died if I had had not picked them up and put them onto the (now harvested) pinto bean field.

The bands on the caterpillars are suggesting we are in for a long winter.

Jolly, that thought just leaves me white-eyed.

It’s freezing here.  Mostly light freezes, but a —killing to the ground freeze— is predicted to occur in a couple of nights.

So we move forward, just like the seasons intend—but Autumn First…

As the hills and dales turn into lovely shades of brilliance and the sky stays achingly blue!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




14 thoughts on “That Rippling Sensation on a Ditch — Sunday, October 6, 2019

  1. Our temperatures have finally cooled a bit, so we are no longer setting record high temperatures every day. I’m not sure what kind of winter we will have — the last time we had heat and drought so late in the year (1888) there was a lot of snow during the winter. We shall see. Meanwhile enjoy Autumn while you can.


  2. Oh boy, it seems early for Winter! Our Colorado family haven’t even mentioned their weather yet … next time we talk I’ll ask them. (Of course, living in town, not as much impact as for you, but I still like to know how many coats they are wearing ))j.


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