To Brighten a Corner —- Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Terry decided he wanted to tear down an barbed-wire fence along-side the other house and make it into something better.

So we gathered up some of our ‘stashed lumber’, filled the back of the pick-up with nails and all the tools and headed down

It took a couple of days to tear everything down, put up new posts and start putting up the ‘found’ boards

The look was satisfactory

We left the old hinges on the posts—I think they add charm.

Then in the warmest part of the sunlit day, I started painting

All but for one spot…a Praying Mantis had cleverly decided to make its winter home on one of the boards, so I painted around it.  I will finish this spot next spring.

Done! The white-painted boards, glinting in the late afternoon sun, contrasting nicely with the growing shadows.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,








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