Glory Bee and T’Ata—Best Friends and Sisters—Thursday, October 24, 2019

Glory Bee, short for a Blaze of Glory, and T’Ata are sisters and the best of friends.  They have different Mothers but the same Dad.

They live here on the farm and much loved.

They do EVERYTHING together. And if they don’t get to the other one throws a fit

(The above series has been published before, but I needed to tell you the back story so you would understand this story)

So, while Terry and I were working on the new fence, T’Ata got to go for a ride.

Just a wee little ride down the long farm road — just to stretch around a bit.

Glory went berzerk…running, running, calling, screaming — a crazy girl

It wasn’t long…minutes actually, that T’Ata was back, without her rider.

Naughty girl!

After catching T’Ata, the rider took off again.  This time Glory was locked in the barn.

Sometimes you just have to go to your bedroom and wait out a tantrum.

And if you make a break and runaway—You still have to go on a walk.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





18 thoughts on “Glory Bee and T’Ata—Best Friends and Sisters—Thursday, October 24, 2019

  1. Lulu: “Horse dogs! I used to see horse dogs when I lived on the ranch. Now that I’m here at the house in the city I don’t see them anymore. I kind of miss them.”
    Chaplin: “But you don’t miss spending most of your time outside in a pen, right?”
    Lulu: “No, I don’t miss that. I’ve kind of adjusted to watching squirrels instead. I think it was a good trade for me.”


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