Winter Came within a Wailing Wind Storm —- Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Snow came in the night, starting out like rain/sleet/ then snow

Not masses of snowflakes but enough that one is surprised to look out the window on an October Day.

The wind chill is the worst.

The day before, in a crisp, sharp, gusting wind (no rain, no snow, just strong wind)

We tackled part of the woodpile,

Splitting a nice little stack amid the swirl of leaves and twigs

Which is keeping us warm, while the malevolence of the nasty wind stripped the rest of the leaves from all the trees.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


22 thoughts on “Winter Came within a Wailing Wind Storm —- Tuesday, October 29, 2019

  1. So, so strange to see snow… And good to see you’re getting two of the warm-ups you get with firewood: the cutting and splitting, and the carting. I really hope you’ll both have someone to help you with this task later in life.


  2. Winter has arrived whether we are ready or not. 6″ of the white stuff on the ground & still coming down, and 8°…
    It’s Winter!
    Enjoy that wood stove!


  3. You are so nice to reply to comments.

    Quilters here put a label on their quilts–name, date, and sometimes a small comment– as it is easy for succeeding generations to forget and for daughters-in -law to know who did it.



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