We had a Gusting, Blowing, Nasty, Sharp Wind Wednesday—-Thursday, October 31, 2019

The weather on Wednesday was terribly unsettling and unnerving.

The wind-chill was -2*f ( -18.8889 c)

It was spitting snow when I got up at 6 —I slept in having gotten up all night to keep the fire going in the woodstove.

We got the wood taken care of Tuesday, just before the wind took over.  Notice all the trees still have their leaves.  I hope this hideous sudden cold hasn’t killed the trees.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




20 thoughts on “We had a Gusting, Blowing, Nasty, Sharp Wind Wednesday—-Thursday, October 31, 2019

  1. There is a Tom Paxton song, “Panhandle Wind” which you might really enjoy now. I see it on you tube, and I think it’s still available on CD. He is one on the folk singers from the 60s, and has lots of great songs: you might recognize some.Stay warm.



  2. We broke a 96 year old record for amount of snow both yesterday and today. It’s blowing, snowing, cold and very unpleasant outside. I suspect our hill will be impassable before it stops – happens every time we get over an inch of snow and we’ve got that and more now. Winter with a whallop!! Stay warm and dry.


  3. So glad I re-found you! Let me explain. I used to read your blog, loved the adventures of the dogs, but then I lost your website in the process of upgrading laptops x 2. With the storms hitting Colorado so hard recently you had come to mind. This afternoon I found how I could access my old saved websites and painstaklngly worked (and deleted most) until I finally found yours. Yeah! It may take me a year to catch up but I feel like I found a lost friend. The internet is a wonderful thing!


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