We had a Gusting, Blowing, Nasty, Sharp Wind Wednesday—-Thursday, October 31, 2019

The weather on Wednesday was terribly unsettling and unnerving.

The wind-chill was -2*f ( -18.8889 c)

It was spitting snow when I got up at 6 —I slept in having gotten up all night to keep the fire going in the woodstove.

We got the wood taken care of Tuesday, just before the wind took over.  Notice all the trees still have their leaves.  I hope this hideous sudden cold hasn’t killed the trees.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




Getting Close–Thursday, September 25, 2015

Wake-UpWe are getting close (now),  to being done, with the pinto bean harvest.  Tomorrow should see the end!

3Prices are low. They are low on the corn and the hay also.  But storing something doesn’t always produce a higher price later on.

I always find this so odd…the farmer get a small amount, but the retail in the grocery store is extremely high…too many middle people along the way, I guess.


We are still irrigating the alfalfa field.  It’s a big field and takes a long time to get across, but we should finish with the irrigation by Saturday.

Drying-Corn-1After that we wait.

Corn harvest will start the last of October, or in November sometime, it all depends on the moisture content of the corn.

Winding down to gear up again…it called harvest!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Chickens and Mice (do not proceed if you like mice)

Mice in the chicken house are a pain.  They are nasty, dirty and (if you don’t take care) EVERYWHERE!

But one nice thing about chickens…..

They are very good mousers.

I was raking around the wood pile and the chicken house when suddenly a mouse ran right by me, followed with a very determined Lucky Hen.

She grabbed the mouse and ran over to the trash pile (will get it cleaned up soon, I promise!) making sure the other hens don’t follow or Sam the Cat.

Whereby she proceeded to ‘take care of the nasty little vermin’.

Just like I do with the mice in the mouse traps I disposed of it.

Good Hen!

(Hens do not eat mice, or at least I have never seen one do it.  But I do find mice that have been very flatten with lots of peck holes in them.)