I Believe in God—Wednesday, December 18, 2019

We still have a few drifts of the last snow we had…sitting all frozen and windswept waiting for either a warm day to melt away, or to gain more snow to smooth out the wrinkles left by the wind

The shadows seem to dance and rustle in the icy air

Our lives are such tiny little seconds in the eternal cycle of life.

I believe in God, belief in the stars, in the infinity of the World, the beauty of the earth, everything we have in each day by day our lives.

Yes, I believe in God and the gift of being alive.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



18 thoughts on “I Believe in God—Wednesday, December 18, 2019

  1. I love our awesome God with all my heart. Thank you for your blog. Do you know the one question God will ask each of us when we meet Him someday? “How much did you love?” Let’s keep working on that! Merry Christmas.


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