Always, No Matter What, There is a Force Which Tries to Restore Balance—Thursday, December 19, 2019

(I am going to use some old photos from my past blogs for this post today. I hope you enjoy)

(Mindy loves to run)

Sometimes the news makes me feel as if the world is titling

(Boomer always seems to be smiling)

Filling the places of everyday with tears of pain and sorrow


What a sad thing everyday news reports…everyone (all peoples) are small and lonely and caught in a capsule of their own thoughts, of anger, and meanness and ugly revenge.

So — so I try very hard NOT to listen to the news.Β  It breaks my heart, the ugliness.

There really isn’t anything I can do —everyone has their own thoughts and refuse to listen to explanations outside of their personal reality.

Once we become trapped in sorrow, or anger, or revenge — it takes much inner work to cast the nastiness aside and move in a good place of being.

(Boomer loves the sun)Β 

I’ve been told I live in a rose-colored world of isolation, my head is always in the sand,

Possibly so. It works for me.

I do pray to my God, and I ask that all the Gods of this world and the Universe please save our planet,

Please, bring forth forces of good into the world.

Right the wrongs, bring peace, save mankind, sometimes we humans, just don’t understand the terrible harms we do, because we become locked in our views.

And as I pray, my heart is filled with hope.

May you all be safe and warm and taken care of wonderful friends of my blog.

From my heart to your heart,



18 thoughts on “Always, No Matter What, There is a Force Which Tries to Restore Balance—Thursday, December 19, 2019

  1. I try not to be exposed to all the hatred, virtiol and cruelty either. I, like you, pray for the world, the people (especially those who are so nasty and mean-spirited, since I believe they are truly ill), and all the creation. I think we do have a huge impact by praying. Having the constant assult of the unpleasant words and actions of others is not healthy for anyone. Have a wonderful Christmas and happy, healthy New Year!


  2. I hope you get all your wishes for a better, safer and more sensible world.
    As you may have seen on TV, bushfires are raging on the wholesale here in Australia
    and the devastation is beyond the imaginable. Climate change is REAL
    We are having even at the start of Summer record breaking high temperatures
    and the air around where I live is full of smoke.
    Best wishes to you, Terry and the family for Christmas and 2020.

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