The Aftermath or There is Nothing to do but Carry On — Tuesday, January 7, 2020


Last fall I was bitten by a Jumping Spider—here is where I blogged about it

Image result for red spider in colorado

Nasty creature.

Anyway, I gradually healed up. Life went on.

Then a new thing occurred…teeth  (not just tooth pain) but random floating moving pain and bone pain involving my teeth.


I found it hard to concentrate.  Then I found myself only doing what was necessary because of the pain.

I went to the dentist, talked with my medical doctor…had a new filling put in, took Advil, hot packs/cold packs; you name it.

Gradually my mouth felt like it was breaking apart tiny bit by tiny bit.

Finally, it has been decided the pain is a result— a sort of residue, of the ulceration and a weird-like tissue death, from the spider bite.

The whole thing rather caused me to think way too loudly —mainly at night when trying to sleep 🙂


At least I know now.

At least I can rest and not have my thoughts gather and disappear down a  rabbit hole.

I can go forward into my new normal

Accepting the new creation in my body

Where pain didn’t exist before

It isn’t anything that I can’t live with, now that I understand it

It can’t break me.  It is just the new normal.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


28 thoughts on “The Aftermath or There is Nothing to do but Carry On — Tuesday, January 7, 2020

  1. Oh Linda, I’m so sorry…this is sort of horrific! Did you imagine that this was a possible side effect? I guess, in some sense, it is a relief. Knowing why is always better than not knowing why when it comes to medical issues. And your mind was probably hyperactive with imagining all that it could be…filling in blanks. Still, I am very sorry. Is there any treatment for it? What can you do to alleviate the pain that you’re not already doing? Damn spiders. I try to respect them, but their power is sometimes a little too awesome for comfort. When I’m in the country I think about it often. Our house is spider-heaven. Most harmless, but there are some very solitary scary ones hidden away in the shadowy recesses. Coraggio, amica.


    • Just Advil. I, guess, over-time the tissue will finally die and finish itself off. But that can take years and years. At least I know…my dentist even put a sleeve on the nerve in one tooth. Then another tooth would start hurting. It would stop then the bone would hurt. Shish. So now I use special toothpaste for sensitive teeth and try to brush if the tooth (or teeth) are hurting. There really isn’t anything else to do. BUT I KNOW and THAT is a very good thing.
      Thank you my wonderful Friend! Hugs to you

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  2. Oh weird! I know spider bites are bad news, but tooth pain. I am sure sorry that you are having to go through this. Knowing is good, but still a pain. )))hugs(((


  3. Oh spidee bites. I got bit by a Hobo Spider—-what an ugly mess but thank goodness no after effects—that I know about or could relate to the bite. Hope everything clears itself up and your new normal will be the old normal. shoes girl!!!


  4. We have what we call a jumping spider here which looks mostly like the on you show but ours is the solid black. I wonder if they’re the same thing!
    Is there nothing the doctors can give you to rid your body of the venom? Are your teeth still hurting?
    Love and prayers for your healing my friend!!


  5. You can live a good, interesting, useful and fun life with pain as a constant companion. I like myself better without strong pain medication, so I do without it. You pay a price, but you are yourself. As you have found, it isn’t necessary to let pain define you or impose itself on everything you do. Bravo xxx


  6. I’m sorry to hear that you are still suffering complications of the spider bite. Hopefully these symptoms will vanish sooner rather than later. I’m glad you were at least able to find the cause of the pain.


  7. I am so so sorry. I wonder if a pain doctor could help….they give injections for just about all kinds of pain now…or acupuncture. I know I am bothered by the Lymes when the weather changes and sometimes out of the blue…I have doxycycline to take that helps but I cannot take that all the time.
    Just keep on doing what ever makes you feel the best. Sending you a hug!


  8. dear Linda, What can be done for you? How horrible, all because of that nasty spider bite. Your pain sounds terrible…only advil to help you? I’m so, so sorry for you and this pain. Do they think it will eventually go away for good and the pain will end? I will pray for that for you, dear Linda.


  9. Spider bites are no small thing. My daughter is highly allergic to many spiders. I had a bit that took almost a year to heal. What you are going through sounds very uncomfortable. I hope it eases with time. just keep taking extra good care of yourself.


  10. Drar Linda, how awful! Pain and lack of sleep can really wear one down. Hopefully this will heal and disappear over time. Take care and be kind to yourself. I am sure Boomer also watches over you😊 /Asts


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