It was a Hard Time. A Bad Time, But all is Well Now —- Wednesday, November 20, 2019

A few weeks ago, I was bitten ON THE LIP, by a

Image result for red spider in colorado

Jumping Spider

I know it was a Jumping spider because I caught and killed it…gross thing.

It took me forever to over-come it.

First, my bottom lip looked like I had a Cold Sore…A HUGE Cold Sore!  Like HUGE!

The pain was like spear thrusts on my lip, in my gums, my tongue swelled…

Then the venom traveled into my nasal passages and my throat and my ear canal

It was like I had a cold, but not like a cold…it was horrible

After two weeks I had to go to the Doctor and get a shot. I just could not fight it anymore. Terry started to get worried, and to tell the truth, so did I.

Even after the shot, the left side of my face swelled up so much I looked like I had collagen shots on the left side of my face ONLY

The right side was as wrinkled as before, BUT with the big fat left side, it looked even more wrinkled 🙂

Then the headaches started, and the earache, plus the continued running nose.

But, actually, by that point (two weeks ago)  I was feeling better and

knew I wouldn’t be whirling away with the spirits of the dead.

So………… I can say only my ear pain is left…and it is diminishing.

What a long process!  But I made it!

(And I didn’t let it get me — I still went for walks, took photos, had company, bought groceries and continued the best I could with long, long naps in-between—it’s been a haul, but I’m here now. YAY! )

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


40 thoughts on “It was a Hard Time. A Bad Time, But all is Well Now —- Wednesday, November 20, 2019

  1. O.M.G. How AWFUL! I can’t even imagine. I am so glad you are improving. That would have scares the CRAP out of me. I am fascinated with spiders but, I don’t want them on me. I sure as hell don’t want to be bitten.



  2. Oh Linda, you should have said! You’d have been flooded with love, concern and hopes and prayers for a rapid recovery. We missed a chance to support you… when you’re always so supportive to others.


  3. OMGoodness! What a thing to go through. Gah! I am sure I wouldn’t have been able to wait that long before seeing a doctor. I am a big baby about things like that. I am also sure that spider deserved to die! I am not spider-sympathetic on my best day, but that one was asking for it. Glad you’re on the road to recovery.


  4. Oh my goodness, Linda! I am so glad you are feeling better! What an ordeal. Spiders are – uck! I’ve never seen a spider like that – and don’t want to. Spiders – uck!


  5. Linda, you are my hero! To keep going when in such pain and suffering….and I am so sorry… I KNEW something was wrong and I didn’t contact you to ask. I wish I had. Not a thing a good friend would neglect and I apologize for not reaching out. Hope everything heals completely and well and you can enjoy things again.


    • You ARE a good friend! And I treasure your good wishes. I am healing every day shows more and better results. I slept last night without the horrible nightmares, which is another good sign! Thank you so much, Marianne!


  6. Oh my gosh!! I could tell by your writing that something was a little “off”. We would have given you e-hugs and kisses had we known. Glad you are feeling better now….


  7. Oh how awful. To get bit in the facile area would be the worst. So glad you are recovering. Spider bites are terrible and they last for so long.
    I had a Hobo spider bite on my ankle area—-ICKY!! 3 months
    Again glad you are getting better.


    • OH! My Goodness…those are some ugly spiders (I don’t think any spider is attractive) but a HOBO is nasty funnel spider and their bite is awful. I guess I healing really fast compared to three months. Whew!


  8. Oh my gosh Linda… you are so brave and So stoical! I see in the comments that friends have already marveled at that and said you could have shared so they could have sent good thoughts your way! Because I am always late catching up, I would probably Have missed that opportunity anyway, but now I will send my joy that you have nearly completely recovered … and hope that the word “nearly” can be left out of that sentence very soon. ….. and, oh be careful out there! (I don’t think I’ll ever again look at a spider in quite the same way.).


    • You are so kind, I thank you. I think it was my face, which was the culprit. If I had been bitten on my leg or something I wouldn’t have gotten as sick. Anyway, I now have to be very careful and not be bitten again because I am now EXTREMELY allergic to the wee creatures.


  9. As one who is bitten often these days every spider dies except for the most poisonous “Daddy Longlegs” he can’t get me or they say.

    I am 63 never had an issue until I was 55 so either they are getting more evil or I am now allergic to any and all bugs 😦

    Glad you are better it is like shingles pain wise.


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