There are Some Things I JUST Do not Understand —- Thursday, January 16, 2020

A snowstorm is due in here this evening.  This I can understand

For I can see it in the sky, starting to develop, grow and draw closer to us

I don’t really understand numbers—although, Pythagoras, figured out that everything in and of and surrounding the earth is made of numbers (horrors)

So to his knowledge, a snowstorm is a math equation….ICK!

I also don’t understand money (money is numbers really), so, therefore, I don’t understand finance, markets, hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, basis points, bonds —–AAAAAAAAAACK!

But I do like to think, I understand stories.  And I like to tell the story I understand to you in photo form with words to help explain.

These things (words and pictures) help me show you the story of each and every day of my life and those who share my life with me.

So as the winter storm develops out of the mists of clouds and air…I share with you a bit of my life devoid of numbers.  🙂

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


17 thoughts on “There are Some Things I JUST Do not Understand —- Thursday, January 16, 2020

    • You would have NOT liked me in class. I so don’t understand numbers. Although, my youngest daughter is a math teacher and my three grandchildren are all math whizzes…Blade loves working with derivatives. Heavens, I can’t even spell that Math word 🙂 Terry is also a wizard with math.


  1. My work was all numbers.
    Glad that’s chapter is over with.

    For some people we both know, numbers are like *normal*, you know what I mean.
    Your stories have much more peace surrounding them. Stay warm tonight! We are expecting high winds along with the snow :::sigh:::


  2. I’ve said before that numbers dance in my head and get all scrambled. That’s why we are word and picture people. Who would tell the stories is not for you. Good luck with the snow. We almost got some. ;(


  3. I am so with you on this Linda (except you tell much better stories and I love them). I was the kid who got As in English and Reading and Ds in Arithmetic. I *can* now tell time and make change, both of which I refused to learn in school because they bored me )). That’s almost as far as my # knowledge ever went. …..


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