The God(s) Do Talk to Us —- Monday, June 15, 2020

Your God, My God, and Everyone’s God

Talks to us.

Sometimes they talk in signs

Sometimes writing in the heavens

Sometimes sending the sun to chase away the shadows

Often times the messages are so loud and clear

We can not hear or see

We are looking for an answer

That Crashes like a Symbol!Β  Something that SHOUTS!

But the answers are always there…

The answers filter into our thoughts,

Subtle, but profound

It’s up to us to listen—

With our souls.

If we truly and honestly want an answer.

From my world to your heart,



21 thoughts on “The God(s) Do Talk to Us —- Monday, June 15, 2020

  1. It is so pleasant and comforting to read your blog. It helps me to calm down and cope. We live in N, Calif., very near the protests. Last week we spent two days with all the stores near us boarded up , waiting for planned protests. They fizzled out, but we spent two days in high anxiety as the gathering place was very close to our home. I read your blogs several times a day and took deep breaths. God Bless You for being and island of calm and serenity in this crazy world.
    Love your babies.


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  2. wish “betty” felt the way you did writing this post. i am, sorta, open and amenable to the more-uplifting (as compared to, with, for example, the somewhat down-dragging) aspect of things. but (alas) so easy to dispel … our (purchased last fall!) almost-new swamp cooler fan motor died earlier today! guess i’ll hafta cool off with beer …


    • The wind is TERRIBLE again today. Brought in all that smoke form the fires in Durango and Telluride, but it also Blew out all the smoke. Still, blowing ‘badly’…I’m ready for a more settled approach to sunny days.

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      • damn! this windy forest-fire smokey stuff just continues and continues. yesterday we thought the west sighed of the Mesa was on fire, but the swamp-cooler-fixxit-guy here today said that that smoke was probably from Cedaredge. and there still is smoke driftin’ along the tops of the Bookcliffs from the west ~


  3. Good morning! Stumbled across your blog this morning after I saw a coyote and was googling info.. I’ve enjoyed reading a bunch of your posts. I love country life. Wish we were neighbors. 😊
    Have a blessed day! -Denise (Northwest Arkansas)


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