A Wee (But Rather Long) Post About Birds —- Monday, July 20, 2020

Spring is delightful,

It full of growth, new smells, the emerging from the long winter’s sleep

But Summer! Oh! My! Summer!

The songbirds start their day

And mine long before the grey light in the sky turns bright


The Fragrance in the air is spiked with all sorts of scents

Sometimes with a hot wind to carry things before it

The days are long

The Twilight longer

Life is good.

Which reminds me, does anyone know what bird this is?

Or this bird?Β  Are they one in the same?

From my heart to your world,


24 thoughts on “A Wee (But Rather Long) Post About Birds —- Monday, July 20, 2020

  1. Morning ~ Still admire your bird photos! Of course with your beautiful yard & flowers and wide open spaces, you’ve got the perfect bird area!
    Looks like you might have a Say’s Phoebe there. Check out allaboutbirds.org


  2. They could be Says Phoebes. Not as familiar with western birds as eastern alas. There is a Facebook group, What’s this bird, which is open to anyone with an interest in birds at all, where you can post your photos. An expert or even several will ID it for you. They are very nice. I use them all the time. They could tell you for sure in just a couple of minutes. I will see if I can send you an invitation to join.


  3. Charlee: “We really need Dada to set up a bird cam for us.”
    Lulu: “You’ve got windows. Can’t you just watch birds from there?”
    Chaplin: “Sure, we CAN. Sometimes. But they don’t congregate at the windows.”
    Lulu: “Maybe that’s because you’re always there staring at them and chattering away like you want to catch them.”
    Charlee: “Of course we want to catch them. We’re cats.”


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