A Wee (But Rather Long) Post About Birds —- Monday, July 20, 2020

Spring is delightful,

It full of growth, new smells, the emerging from the long winter’s sleep

But Summer! Oh! My! Summer!

The songbirds start their day

And mine long before the grey light in the sky turns bright


The Fragrance in the air is spiked with all sorts of scents

Sometimes with a hot wind to carry things before it

The days are long

The Twilight longer

Life is good.

Which reminds me, does anyone know what bird this is?

Or this bird?  Are they one in the same?

From my heart to your world,


One of the Links Between Heaven and Earth —- Tuesday, May 28, 2019

I think birds are one of those magical creatures (akin to Fairies, elves, and gnomes)

Who are gifts to us from the Heavens

Since they have wings, they must be the messengers of the Angels

Sorta like email or text messages are to us today

It’s up to us to really read and understand what is being said, by what is felt in our hearts.

While out and about yesterday, Boomer and I came across a little Killdeer having a dust bath. 

What sort of message was I receiving?

Walk carefully on the face of the earth, and be a friend to all…an eternal message always.

From my world to your heart,




Two Beautiful Days — Sunday, May 26, 2019

Yesterday and today are just wonderful!

So beautiful in fact your heart almost aches

The weather people are telling us it won’t last

Another winter storm is coming in tonight with temperatures dropping twenty degrees below normal

There will snow in the high country again…inches to feet of more snow, where the snow already lays thick

But for a little, the rest of this day, of utter loveliness, we will go forth and enjoy every minute

Before that encroaching winter storm descends.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,