Perhaps — Wednesday, July 29, 2020

I like to read tales from the Viking era…and stories about King Arthur. Stories by Bernard Shaw, Mary Stewart, Octavia Randolph all set during the time when the Christ God (the Christian Church) was starting to replace the old God’s of Myth.

I also love the story of Elijah when he was taken up into Heaven 

What a rush that would have been

To just suddenly be lifted up

Past this world, we call Earth.

So, back to my first sentence about Viking times and the time of King Arthur

It was a rather rough and tumble sort of time for all those who lived in it

A time where I’m sure God was protecting each and every person

As, surely, the Old Gods were showing their followers ‘the way’

So, Perhaps,—here we are today…way down through the centuries

Where I’m sure, If God a tad busy doing something —

There are still angels and other helpers

Who walk alongside each and every one of us

Speaking to us, messages from God

Perhaps all we need to do is to be Grateful…

To hear what they are speaking to our hearts

Thank you so much, my readers and friends, my heart is full of gratitude for each of you.

From my world to your heart,



8 thoughts on “Perhaps — Wednesday, July 29, 2020

  1. Love those colorful flowers at the end of your blog. You can be sure, dear heart, that God is watching over you each and every day. That’s how much He loves you.


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