Heaven is Here, On Earth, O! Surely It Is —- Tuesday, August 11, 2020

As a child, I used to worry about Heaven

Where can I find Heaven I would ask

In the sky, my family would say

As I grew I studied religions, looking for where Heaven might be

What I learned is:  All Religions are fascinating, they include aspects that are utterly beautiful

We always need to respect their beliefs

When I was seventeen I discovered how Siddhartha sat in the shade of the Bodhi Tree/calmed his mind so he could reach a state of mental bliss.

Quieting the mind.  What an interesting idea.

So I practiced.  It was hard.

I found I didn’t have lots of time to just sit and calm my mind, and sit and sit

My life became full—too full to sit in the shade of a tree and try to achieve quiet

There were children to take care of, house, yard, farm, paying job, ‘things’ to do

But throughout all that activity,

I gradually understood, that calming the mind can come in many diverse and different ways

It comes from living simply

Recognizing what warms my heart

What softly lifts my soul

I learned to approach my daily tasks with belief in being UPLIFTED as one works

Not feeling burdened.

To watch for those teeny, tiny things that settled softly all around me (us)

Solitude right there in the– every day of the– every day

Solitude in teeny tiny moments

Bringing me to an understanding

That for me, quiet contemplation of the day,

Is, for me, Heaven here on Earth.

From my heart to your world,


16 thoughts on “Heaven is Here, On Earth, O! Surely It Is —- Tuesday, August 11, 2020

  1. One of my favorite songs :-).

    Holy as a Day Is Spent
    Carrie Newcomer

    Holy as a day is spent
    Holy is the dish and drain
    The soap and sink, and the cup and plate
    And the warm wool socks, and the cold white tile
    Shower heads and good dry towels
    And frying eggs sound like psalms
    With bits of salt measured in my palm
    It’s all a part of a sacrament
    As holy as a day is spent
    Holy is the busy street
    And cars that boom with passion’s beat
    And the check out girl, counting change
    And the hands that shook my hands today
    And hymns of geese fly overhead
    And spread their wings like their parents did
    Blessed be the dog that runs in her sleep
    To chase some wild and elusive thing
    Holy is the familiar room
    And quiet moments in the afternoon
    And folding sheets like folding hands
    To pray as only laundry can
    I’m letting go of all my fear
    Like autumn…


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